Life Insurance

Life Insurance for the individual or multi-life, fixed or variable, all has been carefully scrutinized to gather companies that offer excellent pricing and features at all ages. Unique product niches are carefully designed to provide the most competitive rates for each underwriting circumstance whether it be smokers, preferred smokers, nonsmokers, preferred nonsmokers, and substandard underwriting.


Annuities are offered from carriers with the highest ratings available and designed with high current fixed interest rates and short surrender charges for both the qualified and non-qualified marketplace. The array of annuity products includes immediate or deferred, fixed as well as indexed and rated annuities for the medically impaired. (See our separate Annuity page under the Tools section for the Annuity Rate Watch link.)

  • Deferred Annuities
  • Single Premium Immediate Annuities

Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care products are offered with the maximum in policy design and features. Plans include Home Health, Nursing Facility, or Comprehensive care with benefits such as guaranteed renewable for life, bed reservation, no prior hospitalization required, ambulance service, return of premium rider, inflation guard rider, guaranteed purchase option rider and spousal discounts.

  • Home Health
  • Nursing Facility
  • Comprehensive

Disability Income

Income Protection policies are offered for people with varied incomes. Policies include non-cancelable or guaranteed renewable premium rates and conditionally renewable to age 75 if working full-time. Residual benefits, recovery (return to work) benefits, future insurability, COLA riders, own occupation extensions, social insurance offset, and supplemental monthly benefits are just a few of the features available.

  • White Collar
  • Non-Occupational

Annuity Center/ Rates

Annuities play a very important role in retirement planning, enabling your clients to save money and taxes while eliminating the fear that they will outlive their savings. There are many kinds of annuities – some tailored for income, some for future growth, and some as savings vehicles depending on their income and investment needs.

Cassani & Associates Insurance Services offers both deferred, single premium immediate and indexed annuities from the highest rated insurance carriers to help you provide your clients with the best option to fit their needs.

Do you have the following?

Clients that are earning little to no interest on their liquid savings?

Clients that have taken large losses in the stock market in both their qualified and non-qualified accounts?

Clients that are concerned they may outlive their retirement assets and are also concerned their pension and Social Security income is vulnerable?

Clients interested in tax deferral vehicles?

Annuities may provide solid solutions for these concerns.

Show your clients a way to earn higher interest rates than bank CDs or deposits and earn interest on a tax-deferred basis. Annuities combine safety with liquidity which provides a powerful tool for your clients when seeking safe reliable returns on their investments and the ability to withdraw 10% or more per year free of surrender charges. Annuities provide a choice of interest rate guarantees and are the only investment vehicle that can provide an income stream which cannot be outlived.

We partner with industry-leading carriers for annuities:

Cassani & Associates Insurance Services is positioned to support you and your clients through the changing times of the global economy and financial services industry.

As a member of RGroup, we have our own Annuity Center Sales Director, David LaPenna, so please contact him or us today for more information or click on the Rate Watch link for current annuity rates.


Cassani & Associates is a General Agency that works out of Long Beach, CA and deals with insurance and financial planning. Partners Louis and Joseph Cassani have over 80 combined years in the insurance business and maintain longstanding relationships with many persons and companies to help get the job done. With 10 full time or part time employees, Cassani & Associates is large enough to handle any case but small enough to provide the hands on and personal attention that agents and financial planners deserve. Cassani & Associates is licensed with all major A rated or better companies. Companies such as: Prudential, AIG, MetLife, John Hancock, TransAmerica, NewYork Life, ING, Lincoln Financial, Protective, and West Coast Life among others. We can handle cases ranging from simple term, to special risk universal or whole life. We deal in Long Term Care, Disability, Annuities, Critical Illness as well as Life Insurance. For financial planners we also deal in 412i, 419a and other markets dealing with business or personal money movement. We handle every case with the utmost attention and follow up with both the broker and company to make sure that all the cases we receive are placed as quickly as possible.


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