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AIMCOR Group, LLC (“AIMCOR”) and Carroll Enterprises, Inc., a national corporation that provides a variety of insurance products and services in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets, announced the formation of a multi-year strategic partnership and the launch of Tick!It, a proprietary digital new business platform supported by Carroll Enterprises’ technology and strong industry service experience. Tick!It will be deployed exclusively by AIMCOR’s member agencies and also be made available to the clients supported by the AIMCOR Enterprise Insurance Group (“AIMCOR EIG”), AIMCOR’s national institutional platform with over a 100 point-of-sale resources in 48 states.

“Distribution expansion and business transformation through national strategic partnerships have been two of our most diligently executed corporate mandates since the inception of AIMCOR,” said John Ziambras, President & CEO of AIMCOR; “When you can work with a partner that has track record of processing 20,000 applications, with an 80% completion rate in less than 30 days, and 90% of Tele-app’s completed in 48-72 hours, on a variable cost basis, not only can it transform your organization’s operating fundamentals, but also take our market differentiation and growth rate potential to a different level.”

“From the very early stages of our courtship, it became evident that the complementary nature of our partnership not only could greatly accelerate our respective corporate objectives, but also create a unique growth model in the life insurance space,” said Brian Carroll, CEO of Carroll Enterprises, Inc.

Marc Verbos, who heads up AIMCOR’s Marketing & Business Development efforts and is also the Managing Director of AIMCOR EIG, sees the Tick!It platform as being deployed effectively across all the markets that AIMCOR serves: “Our job is to help the independent agent, the financial advisor, the non-traditional insurance producer, and anyone that acts in an advisory capacity to the consumer, position the need for life insurance. Once the decision to buy is made, we are handing it off to our technology and service partners and freeing up our members to focus their energy on helping producers identify the next sale. Brian said it best: let us and our customers grow like crazy!”

AIMCOR Group, LLC, is a National Insurance Marketing Organization that distributes and services life, disability, LTC and annuity products through a variety of channels and platforms. Since its inception in 2011, and in conjunction with its internal and external partners, AIMCOR has embarked on a shared vision of industry business transformation by enabling new distribution, engaging consumers and delivering financial security to American families across all ages, income levels and cultural backgrounds.

Carroll Enterprises, Inc., a private, national corporation, provides a variety of insurance products and services for the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. For over 41 years, Carroll Enterprises, Inc. companies have offered distribution and support services to brokers, insurance companies, financial establishments, and government agencies. The company’s subsidiary businesses include Small Business Service Bureau, Inc. (SBSB), Small Business Insurance Agency, Inc. (SBIA), Pivot.com, and SterlingBridge.

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